Membership Packages

Membership Fees applicable from 1 November 2019

These include NZ & Auckland Golf Association Levies & GST

Prices quoted and terms and conditions of play may be subject to change

Details of Membership Categories are outlined below Annual Fees

    Annual Fee
Full Playing (No Restrictions) $ 1,450.00
9 Hole 1 round per day $ 825.00
Colt (19 to under 35 years when joining) $ 750.00
FLEXIgolf* Restrictions $ 405.00
Junior (under 19 when joining ) Home Club $ 290.00
  (under 19 when joining ) Secondary membership $ 500.00
2% charge on credit card payments


  • No Green Fees payable at Howick
  • Play as often as you like
  • Bring guests to your Club at a members guest rate
  • Play anytime subject to reserved times for specific competitions
  • On-line booking facilities
  • Play in Club Trophy events
  • Eligible for the Pennant Teams
  • Full voting rights
  • Eligible to be elected to the Board or other Officer position
  • Reduced Green Fee rates at certain Auckland Clubs (conditions apply)
  • Reciprocal rights with specific Australian Clubs






All times except when tee reserved for specific competitions or corporate events.


COLT - 19 years to under 35 when joining 


  • All times as full playing men and women





  • Excludes times when tee reserved for full playing members
  • Saturdays/Sundays & Public Holidays
  • Only ONE 9 Hole round per day
  • Extra 9 holes will be charged for @ $20.00


  • For only $405 you can …
  • Flex your $$$
  • Play Golf Your Way
  • Enjoy a NZ Golf Handicap
  • Enjoy Affiliate Fees
  • $405 start up payment $230.00 gets banked for you to spend as you play,
  • $100 minimum top up.
  • Annual renewal $405.00
  • *A green fee is payable each round that is specific to this category
  • Howick Flexi Member rates
    • $50.00 - 18 Holes
    • $30.00 - 9 Holes
  • Non Howick Flexi Member rates
    • $55.00 - 18 Holes
    • $35.00 - 9 Holes

Terms and Conditions of FLEXIgolf Membership: 

  1. Annual membership fees and levies which pay for your handicap will be due and payable every 12 months. Levies must be paid for in cash - not from your FLEXIGolf bank. You will be contacted when these fall due and will need to pay them prior to the renewal date to maintain your handicap and FLEXIGolf Membership
  2. All golf played will incur the ruling Affiliate green fee rate which will be payable either from your FLEXIGolf bank, or you can elect to pay cash or eftpos
  3. Play anytime even prime time over weekends – but do book
  4. FLEXIGolf Credits will be valid for 12 months after cessation of annual membership following which they will expire
  5. All competition and other entry fees must be paid for in cash - not from your FLEXIGolf bank
  6. Not eligible to play in any club trophy events
  7. Unable to book online – phone or visit the Pro Shop
  8. Category ‘B’ member – no voting rights & not eligible for election
  9. All fees due on joining
  10. Annual renewal of $405.00
Please note : Flexigolf Members are required to check in at the Golf Shop to get a scorecard and settle the relevant green fee prior to each game. Failing to do so could result in a fine.

JUNIOR GOLF under 19 when joining 


$290 Junior - Home Club

$500 Junior - Secondary Member at Howick



  • No online booking
  • Very young juniors are not permitted to play on the course without adult supervision
  • Permitted to play outside reserved times for senior members
  • Juniors should always check in at the Golfshop before playing on the course
  • Juniors are able to use the practice facilities provided they are respectful of other golfers on the practice areas and playing on the course

Juniors who reach the age of 19 move into the next membership category. See age related memberships above




February 2018 NZ Representative Jimmy Zheng


I have been a member of Howick Golf Club for the past 7 years. During my time at Howick, I have spent hours and hours honing my golfing ability and with the help of the club members and course management. Howick Golf Club is an excellent place to practise all types of shots and scenarios. The golf course filled with little secrets and dangers that will constantly keep you on your feet. With everyone round different from the previous, you will be able to enjoy all the surprises that Howick offers.