Embedded ball

Created: Fri 18.06.10


Under our current “clean and place” rules, a ball, including a ball that is embedded in its own pitch mark, “through the green” (but not in a bunker or water hazard) may be cleaned and placed as follows:
You must mark the position of the ball before lifting
You may clean the ball
You can place not nearer the hole within 15cm of the marked position
You can only place the ball once and cannot move the ball once placed
This rule does not allow you to:
drop a new ball if a ball is lost in soft ground (There is no “suckered ball” rule under the current rules of golf)
move a ball or cause a ball to be moved, that is not marked.
If we get areas of the course where balls are being lost in the soft ground then the match committee may advise that these areas are GUR and the rules for GUR will apply.

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