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Junior Golf
Howick is the Family Friendly Golf Club
Up coming over the 1st Term 2018 - Junior Twilight Season. This year 2017 we had between 20 and 30 participants each evening. We had various Sponsors who supplied prizes on each of the 6 evenings. This is becoming more popular and we will have more information coming on the specific dates and formats for the season. Thanks to James Fennelly with his support for this event.

6 Week sets of coaching for new to golf juniors run regularly.  $135 for 6 weeks - phone 022 429 6052 to book a session.   These sessions are structured to get the juniors to a level where they can join the Sunday morning juniors and play a full 9 hole round.  More details of the Howick Junior Programme below
Junior Golf is for Boys and Girls 7 to 18 years on Sunday mornings. 
Howick has had a long history of successful juniors coming through the ranks .  We have a Junior Pennant Team represent Howick Golf Club and compete each year in the Auckland Youth Pennants.  Some of our current young golfers have very low handicaps and also play in our adult interclub pennant teams
Young golfers with little or no knowlege of golf should first attend coaching clinics at Howick Golf Club so they can attain a level where they can play 9 Holes.  Please contact the office to find out about the next coaching programme for new golfers.
Once young golfers reach a level of basic golf skills the Coach will recommend they join the Howick Golf Club Juniors. This gives young golfers important time on the golf course every Sunday morning where they can play 9 holes with other youngsters in the Junior Programme.  At this stage they get a handicap, and can develop their golf strokes and stamina.                                        
Parents are an integral part of the development of juniors and are expected to assist with the Juniors during the 9Hole Sunday morning session.  The safety of the Juniors and their enjoyment of the game either at coaching or while playing on the course is   paramount.  Parents being involved gives a good environment for them to develop a strong bond with their children in a healthy environment away from other distractions.  It also helps provide a safe and caring situation where they are able to develop into well rounded people as well as good sportsmen.  Good manners, sportsmanship, and golf etiquette as well as appropriate behaviour is developed so that when on the course Adult members playing are not disturbed during their golf game.  Should young golfers be left without an Adult there may be a small charge imposed.
Once the Junior has reached a standard and handicap where they are competent to play 18 Holes they will be moved into the next group who play a full 18 Hole round each Sunday morning.  They are not required to have supervision and are expected to adhere to accepted on-course behaviour.
Juniors who attain a good level of golf and reduced handicap may be invited to join the Adult section where they can develop their golf, etiquette and social skills further.  Once they have been invited to join the Adult section they can participate in trials for Adult interclub pennant teams.  
Criteria apply to Juniors participating in Adult Club Competitions
Howick Golf Club encourages young golfers to join the Howick Golf Junior Programme.   If a junior elects not to participate in the Junior Programme but will only play with a parent/other adult then a higher membership fee is charged. 
Junior coaching regardless of the level not only develops the golfing skills of the golfer, but also other important social skills including sportsmanship, good manners and etiquette that are required to play at all golf courses.
We hold term time coaching as well as holiday coaching - contact the office for details of the next dates
To discuss any aspects of our Juniors please contact the office or golfshop
Our coaches are keen to teach Juniors all the skills and enjoyment that a lifetime of Golf provides.