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Usually a mid to long iron is required here to a green set close to the cliffs of Musick Point. Medium to strong westerly winds are often not felt when standing on the tee, an airfoil effect takes place where wind hits the cliffs and rises a few metres above. Often there can be zero breeze at ground level but 20-30 knots only a few metres above. Always look at the tree tops and aim a little right if a strong breeze is running. In saying that do not go too far right - it's all out of bounds!


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   3 10 167
   Red   3 12 127
   White   3 11 162
   Yellow   3 18 127
   Red   3 14 127
   White   3 7 162
   Yellow   3 18 127

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We believe we have one of the most challenging jobs in the world but also one of the most rewarding. With our caring and experienced support, we can help you and your family through this difficult time. At Davis Funerals, we have qualified funeral directors and embalmers and caring for your loved one is handled by us, in-house, the entire way.

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