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A long drive on this dogleg left needs to land as far left as possible without finding the trees. The fairway slopes severely right, so much so that even the most well placed drive will almost always come to rest on the right side. A medium to long tee shot will leave a mid to short iron from an up-slope to the elevated green where you do not want to go too long and right.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 4 334
   White   4 3 324
   Yellow   4 2 282
   White   4 3 324
   Yellow   4 2 282


You can play more golf while Ranjith Nanoo takes care of your insurance. 

For a free no-obligation review, call Ranjith 09 535 5709 or 021 1946 158.

Ranjith Nanoo is a New Zealand registered Financial Planner, and a member of the NZ Financial Advisors Association. He offers highly skilled and personalised advice on risk and insurance products, including life, trauma, total and permanent disability, income protection, mortgage replacement income and medical insurance.

Ranjith has over 40 years of experience in the insurance and financial planning industry, gained in South Africa and New Zealand. 

Highlights of his career
- Attended the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the Million Dollar Round Table - Conference held at Atlanta.
- Achieved 10 consecutive years of Million Dollar Round Table Membership
- Gold Award recipient of L.U.A.S.A ( Life Underwriters Association of South Africa) 

How can he help?
Ranjith can add value to your life insurance portfolio by;
- Designing protection for you and your family relevant to your needs
- Creating a better understanding and knowledge about the scope of your benefits
- Removing ambiguity in respect of claims criteria
- Ongoing reviews - to address gaps and shortfalls of your protection plan
- Peace of mind knowing that you have a trusted professional in your team