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Usually a mid to long iron is required here to a green set close to the cliffs of Musick Point. Medium to strong westerly winds are often not felt when standing on the tee, an airfoil effect takes place where wind hits the cliffs and rises a few metres above. Often there can be zero breeze at ground level but 20-30 knots only a few metres above. Always look at the tree tops and aim a little right if a strong breeze is running. In saying that do not go too far right - it's all out of bounds!


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   3 10 167
   White   3 11 162
   Yellow   3 18 127
   White   3 7 162
   Yellow   3 18 127


Specialising in Domestic Plumbing and Gasfitting, we at Majestic Plumbing and Gas have been delivering high quality workmanship and service to the greater Eastern Suburbs of Auckland for more than 20 years. We offer a wide range of Plumbing and Gasfitting services; from new builds, renovations, bathroom or kitchen upgrades, and maintenance. 

We carry out all our work to the highest of standards and we are very proud of the high praise and recommendations we regularly receive. Majestic Plumbing and Gas are proud members of the Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Association and offer all our clients the benefits and peace of mind that when working with us they are getting a company that stands behind everything it does. ‘Do it once…Do it right’.

We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate to a high level, working alongside you to fulfil your vision. We are proud of the integrity we carry through every task, and the trust and professionalism that our clients can expect from us.


After a hard day’s work chasing that little white ball around the green, nothing soothes the muscles better than a nice long shower under mains pressure hot water! Upgrade your low pressure hot water cylinder to a mains pressure Rinnai Infinity gas continuous hot water system, and you will always arrive home with the knowledge that no one has used all the hot water! No high-power bills for keeping stored water hot when no one is using it, either. Mention your golf membership and how you found us and will we give you an additional $100.00 discount off what you will find be a very competitive price! Call us today for a free quote. For all your Plumbing and Gasfitting requirements, you can’t beat Majestic Plumbing and Gas.